Georgia AREDN MESH Network

Georgia AREDN MESH ... an amateur radio based "internet".

GA-AREDN MESH Objectives:
Establish and maintain an Amateur Radio based network in Georgia to provide
"internet like" communications for situations where the commercial internet is lost.

It will provide full internet capability between hospitals, shelters, EOC, and Deploy Teams such as CERT and SAR;
and any radio amateur who choses to join the net.

This is A State level AREDN MESH network, look for it on "".

Contact Us at GA AREDN MESH Developers.

Middle GA Mesh Map

When two or more independent WiFi routers connect directly to each other by RF, they are said to have formed a "MESH", or to have "Meshed";
refer to AREDNMESH

This web site, and the related GA-AREDN IO Group, provide a place to coordinate AREDN MESH network development and operations.

This network operates using amateur radio frequencies only. It can work through the public internet via tunneling.

The Map to the right shows the plan for AREDN MESH stations in Middle GA, that current active network is expanding and is connected to other similar networks, totalling many nodes and stations.
You can drag that map to your desktop for a larger view.

Remember:... "when all else fails ... Amateur Radio Works". Amateur Radio will provide critical communications.


AREDN MESH the ".org" web site
Basic AREDN MESH "island" configuration
Routers, we like the HAP-AC-LITE, easy to flash with AREDN
5.8 GHz radio
5.8 GHz Omni Antenna
AREDN MESH documents Repository: Library

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